For 20 years, Michael Miller has been crafting organic materials into structures that tell stories. While studying furniture design at Parsons School of Design, she discovered her affinity with metal and went on to work in the restoration of antique furniture and lighting in New York City. To Michael, metal felt important: a transformable natural material that can be worked into forms both sturdy and delicate, bold and intimate. This revelation led her to cofound K/LLER COLLECTION, where she designed and created provocative jewelry from 2010 to 2017. The collection was sold in Barneys, Helmet Lang, and upscale boutiques and won the 2014 CFDA/Lexus Eco-Fashion Challenge. In October 2015, K/LLER was announced as one of ten finalists for the 2015–2017 CFDA + Lexus Fashion*Initiative. It was also one of ten brands selected for the 2016–2018 CFDA {Fashion Incubator} business development program.

After two-plus decades in NYC, Michael departed K/LLER and moved to the Connecticut shoreline, where she finds ever more inspiration in nature’s structured chaos. This environment ushered her along to found her next creative company: By Michael Miller.

By Michael Miller evolves Michael’s relationship with metal. With the line, she focuses on traditional jewelry-making techniques, melting, casting, and sculpting her favorite organic materials into fine jewelry—wearable art that embodies the kinetic and evocative world where she lives. Michael’s work has always been meticulous and imbued with intention, and By Michael Miller exemplifies the artist’s ethics and inspirations anew. By Michael Miller is an expanding universe that tells tales of memory, discovery, and endless possibility—an invitation to explore.